The birds, plants and animals of the Ulu Ulu Resort, Temburong, Brunei, Borneo


The Wildlife of the Ulu Temburong National Park and the Ulu Ulu Resort

The Ulu Ulu Resort,on the edge of the Temburong National Park, is the largest area of protected forest on the west coast of Borneo. With an area of nearly 50,000 ha, this forest hosts a diverse range of wildlife including all 8 species of Bornean hornbills. The park covers the hilly forested watersheds of the Temburong and Belalong rivers which merge at Kuala Belalong, 200m up river from the resort.

South Sabah Zoological Boundary (SSZB)

The most important zoological and botanical boundary in Borneo the SSZB runs just north of Temburong. Many plants, bird and mammals split into different races or species north and south of this invisible boundary. Thus many of the birds, mammals and plants you may see near the Ulu Ulu resort cannot be seen on a wildlife tour of Sabah.

River Wildlife: Otters, Crocodiles, Kingfishers and Herons

Early explorers tell of large crocodiles inhabiting the deep river pools at Kuala Belalong. These days the largest reptile you are likely to encounter is a harmless Monitor Lizard or a large python. If you are lucky you may see a family of otters. Both Smooth and Small-clawed Otters are present but quite shy. At least 5 species of kingfisher, Stork-billed, Blue-eared, Blue-banded, Common and Black-capped have been recorded. Three hornbills in particular Pied, Bushy Crested and Black are often seen feeding in fruiting trees along the river. On your river journeys look out for two herons, the all white Little Egret and the blue-grey Striated Heron. Common Sandpipers and Grey Wagtails, winter migrants from Japan and China feed amongst the riverside rocks between October to April.

Belalong Canopy Walkway (BCW): Gibbons, Hornbills and Sky Gardens

The BCW is the highest canopy walkway in Borneo and the only walkway which is actually at eye level with the tops of flowering trees, orchids and figs allowing a unique view of plants and birds normally only seen as a distant silhouette from below. The BCW is one of the best sites in Borneo to see the very rare Spectacled Flowerpecker and the now almost equally rare Helmeted Hornbill.

Belalong Field Centre (BFC): Rare Figs, Frogs and Spectacular Butterflies.

The world famous BFC has been used by numerous scientists over the years especially botanists. A recent project focused on the local frog population, one of the most diverse in the world. A small stream next to the BFC is often visited by large numbers of Rajah Brooke’s Birdwings, Borneo’s most spectacular butterflies with wings that mimic a row of sharp thorns, a pattern that may deter potential predators.

Hose’s Langur and the North Borneo Gibbon

Two of Borneo’s rarest endemic primates reach their highest density in the forests surrounding the Ulu Ulu resort. Listen for their distinctive calls, which resound through the forest on an early morning trek to the canopy walkway.

Sharing Wildlife Photographs

The wildlife photos on this website have been taken by visitors and guests staying at the Ulu Ulu Resort. If you have an interesting photo you would like to share please contact quentinphillipps(at)gmail.com