The Leopard Cat Felis benghalensis  is the most widespread wildcat in South East Asia where it occurs from Northern India  and South China south to Java. Unlike the other Bornean wild cats which are forest dwellers,  the Leopard Cat is an uncommon inhabitant of forest edge habitats  including oil palm plantations where the main diet is rats. The Leopard Cat is  rare in virgin primary forest.

Leopard Cat  Felis benghalensis Hans Hazebroek Ulu Ulu Resort.jpg
Camera trapping shows that the Leopard Cat is Borneo’s most common wild cat, but even so it is rarely seen.  This individual  with the nick-name “Sam” is a regular visitor to the Ulu Ulu Resort at night. Sam was first seen by Sampurai the Ulu Ulu resort boatman who noticed the hungry cat  was attracted by some prawns  he had caught in the river. After sharing his prawns with Sam,  Sampurai and Sam are now very  good friends ! Photo by Hans Hazebroek.