Roulroul Partridges Rollulus roulroul are the most common partridges in lowland forest throughout Borneo. Partridges are now very scarce near to villages with hunting dogs and have been eliminated in most settled areas. In Brunei however,  hunting dogs are rarely kept and Roulroul remain common in most areas of Brunei including the forest around the Ulu Ulu resort. Illustration from Vol.3 of Robinson & Chasen, Birds of the Malay Peninsula.

Roulroul with chick.jpg
This camera trap photo taken by Hans Hazebroek shows a pair of Roulroul  partridges accompanied by two chicks  foraging in the leaf litter in the forest near the Ulu Ulu Resort. According to resort staff, on one occasion, a female  flew into a glass window  and died, followed two days later by a male who also died !