In contrast to the loud noisy wak wak wak of gibbon calls, Hose’s Langur males make soft woodpecker like rattles to announce the location of their troop.  Calling is most common from around 5.30 am (pre-dawn) to around 9.30 am. From the Belalong Canopy Walkway you can sometimes hear two rival males calling to each other. Unlike gibbons which often call from prominent branches,  langurs remain hidden whilst calling. In the past their calls were frequently mistaken  for  the drumming of small  woodpeckers. Other sounds on the recording include; Yellow-crowned Barbet: trrrooook took took took trrrook, Blue-eared Barbet: prrk  prrk  prrk  prrk  prrk continuously, and the  eerie whine of the  Six o’clock Cicada. This cicada calls for around 15 minutes each time both at dawn and dusk. The exact time depends on the light which can vary widely on dull days. Tokay Gecko: huh huh huh huh and a babbler.

Hoses Langur 06.jpg
Langur photos by Cynthia Lobato taken at the Ulu Ulu Resort. Sound recording by Hans Hazebroek.
Rpcky cliff.jpg
There might be a whole troop of Hose’s Langurs  feeding near the near the Belalong Canopy Walkway, but if you did not hear the male call you would not realize that they were present.